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Founded in 1996, our law firm has helped hundreds of clients.

Started in 1996, the firm has been an innovator from its inception. It pioneered the use of integrated computer technology in the practice of law. Employing voice recognition software, computerized legal research and law firm management and accounting software, the firm eliminated the need for cumbersome and expensive layers of support lawyers, technical and legal staff and, at the same time, established its reputation for being able to respond with unmatched quickness and thoroughness to complex litigation matters.

Our integrated computer technology makes us unique, eliminating layers of staff and allowing us to deliver results quickly and efficiently.

The firm maintains its advantage through an unparalleled expertise, across the firm, in the use of integrated electronic document imaging and integrated electronic transcript and document management. Advocates' lawyers offer clients a rare mix of skills and experience, including senior, experienced litigation lawyers who, themselves, are able to implement the information technology needed to be successful in modern litigation. By eliminating the layering of legal staff "touching your file" and the significant costs associated with that layering, Advocates produces creative, high quality legal solutions that are cost effective.

Where else can you retain, experienced lawyers who, themselves, are able to implement the information technology needed to be successful in modern litigation?

No law firm can be all things to all people and, from its inception, Advocates chose to restrict its practice to litigation and dispute resolution. The firm’s lawyers practice in the complex areas of construction litigation, business litigation, banking and insolvency disputes, environmental law and litigation and professional negligence litigation. Alternative dispute resolution can provide cost-effective solutions. Advocates' lawyers also bring their experience and expertise to the task of helping other lawyers and their clients resolve their disputes by acting as both mediators and arbitrators.

Chosen for EXPERIENCE.
Powered by INNOVATION.

Advocates, although a small firm in total numbers, is a large firm within its restricted areas of practice. The firm can confidently state that it has the resources to handle any type or size of litigation and offers an alternative to those clients who think that they must pursue large and complex commercial, corporate and environmental litigation cases at great cost only at Canada's largest law firms.


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